SA Award-Winning Band Soulmajestik Made Sangoma Song

Soulmajestik is a 3 piece house/dance music band from Rustenburg, consisting of 3 members whom have musical backgrounds that made up the musical style created by the band. The name Soulmajestik simply means exaltation of inner being, and in this case the band expresses this inner being through music. The band started recording in mid-2010 and started to perform late 2012. The band is made up of a keyboardist, a Dj and a percussionist (KR – Producer/Keyboardist; DJ Batch – Producer/DJ; Tshepzoo – Percussionist/Vocalist).


They recently dropped a song titled “Sangoma” which is already making a buzz on social media and got a repost from an actual “Sangoma” on Instagram called @SlaySangoma.