Who Is Explosion Space


“My name is Mohale Patrick Mahowa aka Explosion Space. I was born on 17 September 1995, in South Africa. I bred and raised in the province of Limpopo, in a small township called “GaKgapane”. I’m a very passionate rapper, singer and songwriter. I started rapping at the age of 19, in 2015. I have always been into music since I was 15-years old; and i began singing at a Local church as a part of Church and Youth choirs. Then I stopped in 2014(aged 19). Then I had an idea that I should start writing a rap song, and clicked.

I was always practising looking at myself in the mirror at home, then I saw and heard that I was slowly but surely adapting, that’s when I decided to become a hip hop/rap artist. I love rapping about God, religion/spirituality,politics and romance(love songs). I’m one person who’s not into explicit content at all. I love songs that everyone can listen to at any given time.

I’m also planning to be a record producer and a beatmaker one day through the help of God. I wanna turn it into a global business/enterprise/franchise one day. I wanna sign and produce for top artists all over the world. Even artists who are already in the mainstream. That’s my greatest ambition in music. I most importantly aspire to be on Drake and Jay Z’s levels in terms of creativity, fanbase and quality of music! I sometimes do try to copy them, so what implying is that I practise listening to their songs. Practice makes perfect! I have to practice in order to make my music top quality music. I’ve worked with artists and producers like Navy Draw(Mogau Mokgakane), DJ Goezdeep(Given Skosana), Killer T’ee (Thabiso Maake), Treih Earl etc. There are other producers from the United States of America who’ve been offering me free instrumentals; provided I give them some of my royalties when I commercialize my music.“