Know About Ygrenys

Ygrenys is a trio experimental hiphop/trap music group, based in Johannesburg. It was officially launched in October 2017, by “Pot3nt” , Creative Head.
It launched as a solid movement under Synergy Creative Team, an informal agency that renders creative services to companies, individuals and the general public.
The mind-blow: Ygrenys is Synergy spelled backwards. Through hard work and dedication, it has already released 3 singles, followed by a 12-track mixtape & 2 pretty eargasmic EPs.

@YgrenysSA strives to be fully creative, both visually & musically. They have aired on multiple radio interviews on stations such as Alex FM , Joyous Radio , Boston Media House Radio Station Sandton and also nominated twice for the 011 City Awards Group Of The Year 2019 & 2020.

Ygrenys has 3 artists with Pot3nt included

pronounced pow-tnt
He is a member as the Founder , Creative Head & an artist.a creative divergent

pronounced wayne the second
He is a member as a co-founder, artist, producer and songwriter.

Pronounced Armour
She is a member as an artist and songwriter.

Their music is found across all major music platforms and you can also google YGRENYS

Find them at