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She Is Not Just A Pretty Face

Born Priscar Morapedi, OZana is ready to face the world head on. We catch up with OZana and figure out what other tricks she has up her sleeves for the rest of 2020 , as well as the concept behind her new musical project OZana and Friends;

In detail, who’s Zana, and who’s OZana MusiQ? 

[Laughs] Ok so Zana is an entrepreneur who has mad love for the entertainment and hospitality industry, she’s hard to figure out as she has her days where she’s strict like no one’s business (especially when it comes to business and finances) and there are days where her employees and colleagues see her wild and bubbly side, but in all occasions, she sees you as family. Sometimes you need to be strict and tough towards family.  

And OZana on the other hand, is someone who’s head, mind, and focus is always in the music, be it production, performance, the works. She’s a bubble 24/7 personespecially if she hears music that speaks to the spirit. She’s very strict when it comes to her production and what she wants on a track, when she’s in studio she always demands serenity, otherwise she loses focus and that can disconnect her from a song to a point that she might even scratch the entire studio session. 

What’s the story behind OZana and Friends?

Ok that’s simply! Well I have a long a** list of people I’d love to work with in the future, right? And most of these people are people I link up with or I’m even close to. So when I started producing my own music, I had a song I titled “OZana and Friends”, I lost almost 90% of my music projects when my PC got cleaned out, but the song that saw grace was OZana and Friends, of which it was saved by chance because I sent it to Cuebur via email before, so I downloaded it from my emails, that’s when I decided to title the entire first project OZana and Friends! So in my music journey I’ve had mentors, people who always put in an effort to make sure I learn a new thing here and there, my teachers in this production game are CueburMogale aka Blessed Script, and Dj Chase. They tell me what I want to hear and what I don’t wanna hear, in studio when Chase is there, he challenges me in more ways than why, I’d feel like crying because he continuously makes me repeat phrases, but I also feel like smooching him on the cheek because he wants it to be PERFECT! Cuebur always makes me perfect my production, so whenever I create a new beat I always send the raw sound to him and he tells me what I should remove or add or adjust, and his facial reaction when I play something for him face to face is Heaven to me [Laugh] makes me proud of how far I’ve become. Mogale is the experimental coach, when I’m experimenting on a new sound, I play it for him and he can choose to enhance it or do those crazy expressions that show me that It’s DOPE. OZana and Friends is a marathon I wanna run for a few years, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of releases from this Project. 

Tell Us About OZana and Friends Vol.1: As We Rise?

Like, literally thee most emotional project I’ve released thus far! What happened, God strengthened me because this project almost broke me, but I remembered that that’s exactly what the devil wants, so  kept getting up when I felt like quitting. There were a few other songs I wanted to add to volume 1, one of them as I was in studio recording it before Dj Chase arrived, I felt my spirit weakening as I was singing in the booth and I had no energy for it, so I totally scratched it out, then started recording “Rise” and good thing Dee Cee was there in studio at the time, because that’s when he decided the track should be part of my first project because now that Is scratched out a track, I was missing 1 track.  All the songs in the EP featured someone in my Wish list, be it you hear them or not, they’re there. For example, Chase is behind the scenes fully on “Beautiful” On the second track he played a big part in composing those lyrics, and then Cuebur is Behind the Mixing and Mastering of the tracks, Khuzani was mastered by Thembe X so he also played a part in the EP. Everyone on the EP, even if not in studio in the physical, where there via technology, Cueburwas in another Studio while I was recording, so we video called him throughout the session, and we also video called Nelson in Angola while recording his track. Twy who features in the introduction track is also the content producer for the music videos for the EP that will be coming out soon, she’s also an amazing photographer and videographer who captured every move of the EP. I could never thank Cuebur enough for the last hours of the EP productions, as he lost hours of sleep Mixing and Mastering each and every single track in just a Day!! Imagine, I was in heavy tears when I heard the work he put in in just a matter of hours, and still premiered one of the tracks on his set on 5FM that very week, I owe him a car [Laugh]

How did it feel to meet the president of South Africa Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa and hearing him congratulate you for the support you showed towards your uncle Steve Kekana?

Hearing Him whisper to me “Well Done” was honestly unbelievable because you don’t understand, I think he’s totally dope, a nice guy really. Hopefully I’ll get to see him again one of these days, and this time, I’d love for him to say “Come gimmi a Hi Five! Ah you’re talented!” I think I’d faint really [Laughs]

In Bite size, what should we expect from OZana in the rest of 2020?

Expect the Unexpected!… Yeah, you said bite size [Laughs]  

OZana and Friends Vol.1 : As We Rise Is available on Digital streaming platforms and stores worldwide! Get yourself a copy of this Epic EP that keeps on surprising your heat and ears at every single track. 

Beauty and Brains, along with an explosively bubbly personality.

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