Dinz F Dropped Something New

Know More About Dinz F

“I am Rivalani Forget Dinda also known by the rap name Dinz F. Born in August 1997, I’m from Mpumalanga ,Bushbuckridge. Started rapping in 2012”, Dinz F.

He is dropping a new EP. This is a hip hop EP for the sad and spiritual people.

It feels weird to call this a great record–it’s so slight. But it’s perfect and full of pleasure; it does what it sets out to do almost without a bad second ,it ends before you wish it would.

And what does it set out to do? This is for the sad and spiritual, it reminds everybody how worth life is to stay sad.It will help you defeat your anxiety.

Its method is whimsy, candor, and carefully modulated amateurishness, all of which comes through as humor.