K9_Demonio Is Representing Durban

K9_Demonio is a rapper from KwaZuluNatal (KwaNzimakwe) born in 1995 April 9, He was born in Durban, stayed in Newland east with both his parents then moved to KwaNzimakwe at age 5 where he started primary school he was then moved to Durban at age 10 where he got exposed to hip hop. At age 11 after his father passed away he started writing music but never recorded any. At age 12 he then moved back to kwaNzimakwe where he continued to be part of hip hop by wearing clothes inspired by the western culture a style called “swegg” which wasn’t familiar to his area.

At age 13 he participated on a rap battle hosted by Proverb SA’s hip hop star and it was broadcasted by the SABC 1 on Jam Alley and he was seen on TV for the first time before he even recorded any music. At age 14 he then recorded his first song with his cousin under no record label doing a style called underground hip hop. Same year he recorded more music and attended hip hop shows until he scored a record deal on one of the shows. He never signed that deal because his parents didn’t understand anything musically related and he was still in high school.

At age 15 he then moved again to Durban where he did songs with different rappers and also became part of street gang, they called themselves the “bone thugs”. He then got himself involved in some criminal activities around Durban which lead him to leaving Durban and going back to KwaNzimakwe at age 16, where he got close to his cousin who was also a rapper/producer and recorded a mixtapetogether. Unfortunately, the mixtape was never released due to the arrest of his cousin. K9_Demonio continued involving himself in criminal activities which changed his style of rap and lead him on the wrong side of the law and during that time he got radio airplays from UGU Youth Radio but he was never invited for  any interview. This continued till he reached age 22.

At age 23 he already had two kids with different mothers. He then decided to work on an E.p called “Trap life E.p”containing 7 songs which is about changing his life. Promoting that E.p he got his first interview at Radio SouthSunny where he told the interviewer that he was doing business with people from United State of America. He then featured a rapper from USA(Kentucky) named KyngSolo on a song titled “Kasi” which got  airplays in two radio stations in USA called Minx Radio and Factory Radio. He then auditioned to be part of UGU Jazz festival and attended other events and scored himself an interview on a TV show called Memeza. He is currently working on big things with an aim of inspiring and changing people’s lives.