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New Instagram Features To Kill Artists

As SA Music Promo, we are always trying our very best to stay up to date with what’s happening on social media in order to act accordingly and share with you as one of the music creator we are helping to grow.

On 12/05/2020, Instagram announced that there are new features which might get South African Instagram users who are not aware in trouble. For users who are aware early, it will be an advantage for them.

The new features:

  • You will be able to pin the comments to set the tone for your account by selecting a number of comments in the comment threads; feature to YouTube.


  • Music creators who are always telling people to check out their music on comment sections of celebrities will lose that marketing strategy game as they won’t be able to rank higher to be seen anymore.
  • You will be able to delete mass comments all at once and also block multiple users all at once.


  • Music creators who are always commenting on comment sections of celebrities to boost their music will lose. The celebrities & their managers will not get lazy to delete a lot of comments like that as they will be easily deleted all at once.
  • You will not be able to tag anyone you like. You will always need permission to tag someone and users will be able to set their Instagram accounts to not get tagged by anybody.


  • Music creators who are always tagging everyone including pages of music recording companies and celebrities to be seen by more people will lose that game. You will be only left with hashtags, Instagram story reshares and sponsored posts to be seen by other people who are not your followers. The option of tagging more than 10 people to gain views, likes, comments or profile visits is dead.

These new features were proposed by Instagram’s founder (Adam Mosseri) on 12/05/2020.


  • You have to be aware that these new features are currently happening at the United States of America currently and they will be in South Africa by the end of this year. So it is a good thing to practice not using them or reduce being independent on those to-be-removed-features when using Instagram as a person who’s doing music in South Africa and owning an Instagram account.