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Therealkingzo Is Really The Real One

Therealkingzo is a South Johannesburg-based independent hip hop artist from Ormonde, his music career started with him building his name and formidability through online platforms, such as Soundcloud and Audiomack. Born and raised in Johannesburg, his career took-off when he matriculated in 2015 and afterwards affiliated himself with a then Braamfontein-based producer, Krazie Mac, while studying Sound Engineering at South West College. Since then to-date, Therealkingzo has been working with Johannesburg based artists to hone and perfect his style of music which he hopes becomes the sound of South-Joburg rap.

Both as a producer and artist, Therealkingzo’s music is a derivative combination of alternative hip hop, atlanta trap, and as well as hardcore rap. These influences are easily detected in his latest released project called “Truthette” – it contains sounds nuanced by the social situation of listeners, delivered alongside analog rhythyms, and sharp lyricism through prolific-hardcore bars.

Released on the 4th of May 2020, Truthette has a grimy cinematic concept about ruthlessly taking what’s yours and defeating the odds to reach success, by manoeuvring through hardships, negatively hindering situations, and betrayals. Truthette is released for streaming and is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play – PLAY HERE.