Instagram To Pay Artists

Well. Well. Well…
This is a moment we have been preaching since 2018 as SA Music Promo to South African music creators. We always believed on Instagram.

On 27/05/2020, Instagram finally announced that they will be starting to pay Instagram creators starting from June 2020.

How Money Will Be Made?

This means a lot for creators. Creators such as musicians, producers, video content creators and many more will be able to make an extra income for themselves through IG TV. This will be made through ads which will be appearing on the video just like similar platforms such as YouTube.

Musicians will be able to put out their video content such as music videos, interviews, behind the scenes of studio moments, IG live reshared videos and any type of video which will be over 1-minute long just to earn some income from Instagram. How simply is that?!

How Is This Going To Change The Music Industry?

This means unrecognized talented music creators in South Africa will be able to get benefits for entertaining people. They will no longer only rely on radio and TV just to get some money. The doors will be opened for creativity now. As a music creator, you will only need music promoters, management and good musical content so that you can gain more views to gain more money. No head of the radio station or TV will hold you back on your dreams now. Social media is becoming more like radio & TV combined now.

What Can Happen?

Music distribution companies will definitely start distributing music to Instagram just like the way they distribute music to iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and others. This will, however, only be for royalties. Not revenue income directly from Instagram.

YouTube got what is called “YouTube Music” for artists to distribute their music to gain royalties. At the same time, artists can, themselves, upload music on their YouTube channels to earn revenue from YouTube directly through AdSense. So you can earn TWO ways on YouTube as an artist. Royalties with distribution and AdSense with YouTube directly.

This is going to be the same for Instagram. You can earn via royalties and via Instagram ads.

How amazing is that?!

This has started only in the small part of the US users but definitely set to arrive in Africa as soon as they got enough reviews at the US area so it’s good to start practicing IG Live now to you your game.