Sidistic Is Here To Stay

Siddarth Maharaj (Born 20 June 2000) who goes by Sidistic is a rapper and songwriter. He is the born and bred son of the 031.

After 2 singles released during 2019, Sidistic is back with Chemical Imbalance, a 10 project mixtape, available on YouTube and SoundCloud. The projects on the mixtape are meant to be inspirational, motivational and send a message to spark the minds of people and change the way they think.

During the lockdown Sidistic took to Instagram (@Sidistic09), uploading snippets of his upcoming music, showing his drive and dedication to making a mark on the music industry.

“I’ve decided to take my music to another level to reach my goals. I’ve also set my sights on some local awards, specifically the Durban Creative Awards and the 031 Awards.” – Sidistic

He is unique and real in his lyrics, every track born out of his experiences. He hopes that his recognition will shed some light on the imperfections of the world and together we can cultivate better mindsets and ways of living.