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Nathan Elano Is A Relatable Musician

What Is Your Latest Song “Care” About

“It’s a song about overcoming gossip, rumours around us that demotivated us to end up giving up on our dreams and being the best version of ourselves. I prepared the song for a trap feel. As I was on that tip. That’s me being my self fully without compromise that I have to fit a certain market you know . Use vernac as I have in the past to fit in with a sound. My flow my writing my process of the song I became myself.”

Tell Us About Yourself

“Well, I am a very passionate person. I work very hard to give listeners the best quality in every way. I feel like people should connect with the music as their own I am not a self centred writer. The people first . Relating to my art is more important than me over expressing myself. Nice short and simple. More songs coming. I have something for SA Hip Hop and the world.”

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