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Instagram Is Paying Musicians For ‘Reel’

Dear Musician,

You have another way to make money through your music with this new Instagram feature of Reel. This feature is now fully available in South Africa.

Basics to know:

Ensure that your music distribution company is covering Instagram distribution. ie. DistroKid, CD Baby.

How money is made:

Instead of earning money from streams, if somebody uses your song in their video on Instagram Reels, you’ll earn money every time that video is viewed.


This is similar to TikTok. Hopefully, you’ve seen TikTok songs playing over and over again by different people on different videos, right? They all sound the same (they mostly use same popular songs). Those artists on songs make a lot of money with that. A LOT! This is going to happen even on Instagram Reels. This is why it’s very important for you to understand how important it is to post more content on your Instagram as we have been preaching.