Ryxnn Is Winning This Time Around

Ryxnn is definitely representing Gauteng as a Rap, R&B act since 2017.

The South African music industry has evolved a lot in terms of quality, versatility, diversification, creativity and culture. Amazingly, Ryxnn is holding all those in one hand and letting the other hand hold the self-talent to provide the amazing sounds in the industry. Speaking of amazing sounds, Ryxnn officially released new music, Winning, which is currently available online and already started to do the buzz across social media platforms.

Winning was officially released on 1/12/2021. Ryxnn took the energy, time, willingness, practice and efforts to put it together. This shows a lot of dedication which most South African musicians do not have, especially upcoming ones. What a phenomenal feat indeed!

Ryxnn is aspiring to be globally well-known by both top local and top international acts in the music industry including Nicki Minaj as expressed towards the SA Music Promo team. This is absolutely good to hear! It shows that we still have passionate South African musicians even today.