RAS About To Dominate 2021?

RAS is well-known for creating bangers and actually satisfy fans by also releasing the best quality music videos, as a bonus. His music videos are playlisting on South African national TV shows over time.

In 2019, he made the best collaboration Top 5 music video with N’veigh, PdotO & Jay Claude. At the moment, the video is heading to a whooping 50,000 views! 2020, he was a bit quiet but it seems like he is now back once again to dominate as he dropped another music video of his latest single, Melanin which is available everywhere. The music video is already heading to 3,000 views in 4 weeks on YouTube. On top of that, on social media he is currently getting buzz due to that.

“Melanin” music video by RAS

Instagram: @ras_r2da