‘Imali’ Video By NavyKidKid Is Getting Attention

NavyKidKid representing KZN right now with his latest music video, “Imali” which is making numbers right now on YouTube. On last weekend, it was on around 1,000 views. This Tuesday already, it is on over 2,500 views and definitely heading to 3,000 views. The song is already a success as it is on over 10,000 streams right now – “Imali” is well received by people!

“Imali” music video by NavyKidKid

His other latest full project, Money Heist EP is currently available right now as it was released on 7/7/2020 and it has a lot of bangers like this one. It is definitely worth it to check it out online.

Money Heist full project by NavyKidKid