Zino Is About To Get In The Mainstream

When it comes to musicians in South Africa, we have a variety of them with different sounds and styles. It is crazy to think about it but the Hip-Hop genre itself in South Africa has different kinds of sounds. Only very few musicians in South Africa who branch out to a different type of Hip-Hop can get this right, and it seems like Zino is that musician.

Zino has been out for some time figuring out how to expand his sound and creatively come out of his comfort zone. Constantly seeing the number 3 and feel stuck unable to feel something other than the norm seem to create the perfect storm in experimentation and trying something new. The Trifecta represents 3 different moments where he was able to find that spark again. He realized music has a way of connecting the spirit, body, and soul which is his ultimate goal when creating so that’s why there are only three songs on this “Mini-Mixtape” which was released on the 30th of June 2021.

Stream the project HERE.